Tuesday, 8 June 2010


Now these guys definitely know what they are doing. Born from an innate need for hard bouncing beats and melodic gestures of complete and utter musical mastery, I whole-heartedly welcome Sub Focus into my life. I am eagerly anticipating their new album with such excitement I may even do a small wee. When I say small, what I really mean is hypothetical. Ok, you get the picture. Sub Focus are pretty wonderful. Imagine how delighted I was to stumble upon this little gem??

Sub Focus+Rusko+Coco= DEATH BY EAR ORGASM.

Sub Focus were clever bastards by asking Coco to guest appear on this track. Her vocals are haunting and coarse. You can half imagine when she sings lines such as 'the night is young, I feel numb', and 'my conscience found a new name', you don't bloody well doubt she was most likely caining it the night before. Then by chance she stumbled into the studio to tear into this song like the late night kebab she gorged herself on before bed. (Hmmm... on second thought.. have you seen the size of her?).

Anyways, I am side tracking here. The original track is pretty amazing. It was on repeat all of last week on my ipod. But now Rusko has had a little go at it, this remix has now become my new obsession. Much like the drunken pest at the end of the bar 'I'll tell YOU when I've had enough'.

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